Your Stationery is Your Image

Image is everything.  We all remember Gerald Ratner and his ill-judged comments about the jewellery in his high street stores.  The image of his company and products changed in an instant and his very public downfall was spectacular. This fickle world of image and presentation is a tricky road to travel but, with a little thought, we don’t have to follow the drastic decline of Gerald Ratner.  Get it right and the world is your oyster, get it wrong and we all know how that ends.

The first big question is what image do you want to portray?  David Ogilvy, the ‘Father of Advertising’ was reported to have said “You now have to decide what 'image' you want for your brand.  Image means personality.  Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place.”  We don’t all have the budget to hire a high-flying advertising executive but we can take something from his insight.  Knowing your products will help you bring out exactly what you want your customers to see.  A clear idea of your message is the image you want to present.

Of course the image you want to create is only the beginning of the process.  The next step is spreading that message.  Digital marketing is a key component of any marketing campaign with its speed and lower costs.  However these clever technological advances cannot replace the benefits of human interaction.  When conducting business, face-to-face contact is still an essential element to being successful.  In meetings, there are a number of opportunities to promote your brand before you have even spoken!  The business card handed out before you all sit down, the printed presentation folders left out on the table for the delegates to peruse; these all sell your image before you have said the first good morning.

Vital Concept Print can help you create professional, high quality business cards for a range of budgets ensuring your business cards present the exact image you want to project.  As with all branding it is very important that the image remains the same for all who contact your company.  With that in mind, Vital Concept Print can create a number of printed stationery products that promote your brand with a consistent design.  The compliment slip should not be forgotten as these versatile slips of paper can be used in a variety of ways and should always carry the company brand.  Alongside professionally printed letterhead paper and printed envelopes, Vital Concept Print can ensure that all your stationery products work to promote your image not dilute it.