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Traditional Outdoor Banners Vs Online Banner Advertising

It has to be said that the way we market our businesses and sell our products has changed dramatically thanks to the dawn of services such as the internet and social media. While the latter of the two has only been around for a relatively short time, traditional online advertising in the form of splash banners and side panels have been doing the rounds since the internet first became a viable hotbed for advertising. But just how effective are they in this day and age – and how do they hold up against traditional marketing and advertising such as outdoor banners? Can PVC banner printing really take a bite out of the lucrative online marketing pie?

The answer is – of course – yes! Banner printing is just as big as it’s ever been. The major difference between physical and online banners, not only in terms of their physicality, also lies in the fact that online banners are often tailored to a very specific audience, based on elements such as cookies which will help to ensure that applicable advertising always reaches the most relevant of viewers or browsers. When it comes to outdoor banners, however, things are a little different.

Traditional Outdoor Banners Vs Online Banner Advertising

Banner printing for outdoor use is largely aimed at a much wider audience. Wide enough, in fact, for it to potentially ‘catch all’. This means that it is set up to ensure that you get a good enough cross section of the public to engage with your brand – and, of course, the bigger the banner, the better! PVC banner printing can be supplied to weather time and – of course – weather alike, meaning that it may well be worth considering mounting a considerable physical advertising campaign ahead of any online banners you may wish to design and implement.

It should be noted that a healthy approach to marketing and advertising should be undertaken both online and offline. This means that you should certainly consider banner printing to catch your audience out in the open, while you should also consider a range of options for online marketing on a separate basis. Marketing and advertising for your business or product line shouldn’t have to be complex – allow Vital Concept Print to support you in all of your physical offline marketing endeavours – and let’s build a brand image and advertising campaign to really pull in the right people you’re looking for.