8 top tips on how to create stunning brochures that will Increase your sales

A stylish and well-designed brochure can work wonders for your business, especially through its professional finish. But as we have been brochure printing London wide for many year, our experience and expertise leaves us in a good position to offer sound advice on how you should go about creating stunning brochures that not only look good but have the desired effect on your customers as an effective marketing tool. So this week we are dedicating our blog space to giving you our top tips on producing successful brochures.

1.    Objective

Have in mind what the objective and aim of your brochure is. Is it for information only, promotion or to reach new groups of custom? Whatever the reason is for wanting A5 brochure printing, keep this your focus throughout the brochure designing and marketing process to ensure you don’t deviate away from it.

2.    Customer in mind

Always, always, always keep the customer in mind. Your customer is your audience so put yourself in their position when writing and designing the content for your brochure. We’ve been providing printed brochures London wide so we know that the customer perspective truly matters. What do they want to know? What matters to them? What language do they understand and why should they relate to your business?

3.    Where do you want to draw the attention of the customer

When designing your brochure, think about where you want your customer’s attention to be drawn, if it’s a special offer, a unique product, a signature service or a visual portfolio, make sure these are the things that you want to get attention to. Use the font, the colour or the positioning to give these elements prominence.

brochure design ideas

4.    Bring out your unique qualities

Think about what makes your company unique – what makes you different from your compentitors and showcase this through your brochure. Whether it’s a service, a product or a unique approach use it to your advantage.

5.    Use imagery to keep it interesting

Images and infographics are powerful tools to bring a marketing product to life and give a visually stunning effect. Used skillfully and professionally, images can wonderfully complement yoru text and branding to give a finely crafted brochure. However, do be careful to keep your images relavent and of high quality resolution to ensure they give that professional finish.

6.    Consider the paper

It may seem simple, but you do need to consider the kind of paper that you print your brochure on. Whether it is gloss, silk or uncoated paper, or whether you want a heavy paper with embossed finish or a laminate finish to really be striking – each has its benefits. Touch is an important element of the five senses so the feel of the brochure is just as important as the look.

7.    Make the brochure useful

A great way to make your brochure almost indispensable to your customers is to make it useful. You can do this through including a page of useful tips on product maintenance, or a section on guidance and advice, or even a calendar. This will ensure that your brochure is retained for longer.

8.    What next?

Lastly, think about what you want to happen next. You’ve got your customer’s attention, now what else do you want them to do? Do you want them to visit your premises? Join your mailing list? Visit your website or call you? Whatever, you want them to do ensure that there is space and text dedicated to letting your customers know.