Need some folder printing help? Here are our top tips for folder printing

Printing on your own can be a complex and often hurried task if you’re looking to get a whole range of items out for the public to see – or if you need to meet a particular deadline with a client – and folder printing can be especially tricky if you’re attempting it for the first time.  As experts in folder printing and as purveyors of A4 printed folders and A5 printed folders, Vital Concept Print can be your trustworthy ally in ensuring that you don’t have to tackle printing alone.

While we will handle the nitty gritty of the printing for you, you must always ensure that you have your dimensions and your proposed printing material in check before supplying us with any data.  For effective A5 folder printing and A4 folder printing, you’ll need to make sure that you’re using professional illustration or design software to ensure that you have your dimensions to the exact number – otherwise, you may risk printing a folder that suffers from a stretched and unprofessional image.

folder printing

Ensuring that your folder is visually perfect before sending data to Vital Concept Print is essential – as we will have no control over the design once we start to work our magic.  Always save in as high a resolution as you possibly can, and make sure that there is no loss of colour or transparency when saving across image formats. These tips will apply to all professional images editing, of course, but when it comes to printing folders, it is not worth the risk of losing face or professionalism.

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