5 top tips to designing roller banner that will stand out from the crowd

When it comes to advertising at corporate or marketing events, you may not be the only supplier or business in the room with a banner erected. Your competitors may also have their products, services or company information on a banner to, so whilst we hugely advocate the use of a roll up banner – we believe the success of that banner is more than just having one. That’s why as your resident specialists in banner printing London wide, we are taking sometime this week to explore our top 5 tips to make your banner stand out from the rest.

1. Make your branding and logo a central and primary focus

The top of your banner will inevitably draw the first and most prominent initial part of your viewers’ attention so this is a reliable and advisable location to place your logo role key brand identity visual. Having your logo here also frames the rest of the banner and gives some visual balance. What is more you want the core messages of your banner to be at eye level as whilst the eye may be drawn to the top of the banner it won’t want to stay there as it will get strain.

Roller Banner Design

2. Use the ‘left to right’ concept

When designing the content of your banner, consider the logical way people read; top to bottom and left to right. This is useful when deciding where to place your key messages and imagery. But do be careful of the level of written information you put on there. Where people commonly get it wrong is by adding too much information on their banner, thus tiring out their potential customers. Your banner should be an eye-catching device to bring customers towards your staff and your team so that more information can be delivered in a more personal way.

3. Use quality imagery and use it selectively

It’s always tempting to use lots of images if you have them in your image library. Whether you have opted for highly expensive banners or cheap roller banners, the result can be destroyed if you use poor imagery. But be selective a messy banner with too much inconsistent imagery is way too fussy and can put people off – becoming visually confusing. Also, where you do use imagery use a good quality resolution so your images are crisp and sharp, poor images and blurred resolution gives a terrible impression of a company that cuts corners.

4. Don’t be afraid of colour

It’s true, slick black and grey banners with clean corporate lines can be appealing in marketing products. But when you’re fighting for the attention of customers in a room of slick black and grey, then a pop of colour goes a long way. Don’t be scared to use a hint of clean, sharp colour to draw the attention of your customer to your banner. But again, less is more, too much colour and you’ll be dazzling your onlookers – and not in a good way!

5. Remember who you are!

Lastly, remember to identify your company and your people. Put your contact details on your banner. It sounds simple, but we’ve been doing roller banner printing London wide for years and we know that forgetting to do this is not as uncommon as you may think and in a busy environment when you may not always get the chance to speak to every interested potential customer, you want them to be able to take down your details to contact you at their leisure.