Top 5 Tips: What Should a Business Brochure Include?

Getting the right look for brochure printing is all well and good – in fact, it’s one of the major points you need to consider – but you also need to think about some of the content you’re putting into any flyers, brochures or guides you’re supplying to potential customers. Vital Concept Print specialise in marketing materials that can be used to really extend your business offline – from A5 brochure printing to simple flyer distribution to more besides. When it comes to filling those pages, however, here are our top tips for you to take away:

Be Personal

This is the day and age of putting faces to business names – introduce yourself early on in your brochure, as well as your team, along with photographs, why you’re passionate about your work, and what you’d like to offer to customers long term. Brochure printing should be just as much about presenting yourself as it should be about presenting your business.

Top 5 Tips: What Should a Business Brochure Include?

Photos Galore

It should go without saying that all brochures should really edge more towards photos rather than walls of text, and this ties in with our next tip rather nicely, too. The fact is, people love looking at pictures – and the more photos you are able to supply of your previous work, your products or even your premises, the better.

Be Smart With Content

Whether you’re in the market for A5 brochure printing or otherwise, you should always go for a less is more approach with words – offer just enough detail to answer the big questions, and then allow your readers to learn more in their own time should they wish to!

Be Compact

Don’t overload people – you need physical brochure printing to be neat, compact, handy to store away and easy to make reference to. Therefore, don’t always think that a big catalogue full of information is what everyone will be after – let your brochures be a nice lead-in towards any information you may have available online.

Look Good!

Do your research – what do other brochures in your field look like? Consider design choices, colours, content wording and more – don’t ever be afraid to borrow, but do consider how your audience is going to perceive any physical literature you may supply. Go with a unique or striking look that inspires people to read on – or inspires them to connect with you online.