Top 3 Printing Products for a Successful Takeaway Business Marketing Strategy

Britons spend nearly £30 billion pounds a year on takeaway food, a recent poll shows.  The same poll reported that the average person consumes 84 takeaway meals in one year. Despite declining grocery bills, the British appetite for take away food is showing no signs of diminishing.  Food thought (excuse the pun!) for those in the restaurant business.

In some ways, marketing your takeaway business is no different from marketing any other business.  While quality and products vary, it is always key to create a brand that encapsulates what you offer.  Your design, logo and slogans must be consistent across your marketing materials - easy to guarantee if you use professionally printed marketing products.

To enable you to grow your takeaway business more simply and quickly, Vital Concept Print has put together the top 3 professionally printed marketing products instrumental in creating a successful marketing strategy.  Number one, of course, is the menu printing.  A well-designed, clearly branded and attractive menu is often the first point of contact a customer will ever have with your business.  The first impression could be the last so it must be clear, uncluttered and appealing.  Once the mail drop is over, these menus will be working overtime for you, generating business. Vital Concept Print years of experience designing and printing takeaway menus, with a wide variety of sizes and folding options, could be the edge that you need.

The second most powerful marketing product championed by Vital Concept Print is your outdoor banners.  A must-have for any successful takeaway restaurant, visibility amongst the noise and distraction of street signs and furniture is paramount to success.  Drag local footfall in off the street while your fliers tempt orders from the armchair at home.  This is where brand consistency is so important.

Hiring a professional printer really can make the difference.  Vital Concept Print can create, with you and for you, the banner design and menu to guarantee an appropriate and consistent message.  The variety of outdoor banners available is huge - mesh banner, framed banners… the list goes on.  There is something to suit all shapes, flavours and sizes of business and shop space.  Just remember - if you have a business open at night, lure in the punters from afar with illuminated signwork!

Of course finding your takeaway outlet is hugely important but so is having your menu clearly on display in your shop.  Not only does this advertise your menu to those walking past but it also ensures the ordering process at the counter is more efficient.  This is the third prong in your marketing fork. For internal displays, the printed Foamex board is the perfect tool.  Durable and long lasting, these printed Foamex boards are an affordable way to advertise your menu and special offers.  The boards come in a number of different sizes and thickness and Vital Concept Print can design the board to show your brand in the best light.

This list is of course not exhaustive.  These, however, are the best tried and tested marketing products.  Well-designed and displayed, they are probably pound-for-pound the most cost effective way to grow your business.  Work with Vital Concept Print across the spectrum of your takeaway marketing needs and they will ensure a brand consistency and exciting ideas to whet any palate.