Top 3 Must Have Printed Stationery Products for Professional Branding

It is no secret that good branding is essential to any successful business.  When marketing your company, an easily recognizable logo is half the battle.  The consistent use of a logo or slogan promotes familiarity amongst your target audience.  Common sense, perhaps, but we should remember that these basic rules apply to the general stationery resources you use day to day - not just large scale marketing campaigns.

Marketing budgets, perennially under pressure, can be spread further with judicious planning.  Even in the age of the internet, all business use stationery and the smartest ones use professionally printed products.  Thus, a simple stationery item equals part of the marketing.  Printed stationery products reinforce branding.  With that in mind, Vital Concept Print have identified THE top 3 printed stationery products that are key to maximising value, financial and impact, from your brand.

Top of the list, without doubt, is the business card.  Some 27,397,260 business cards are printed daily and 10 billion cards are printed each year in the U.S. alone.  In some countries, notably China and Japan, the etiquette surrounding the exchange of cards is a ritual that can be bemusing to the uninitiated.  These rituals however emphasise the importance the card plays in conducting good business.  It may be easier these days to find contact details or perhaps a product review online but when it comes to face-to-face meetings, a well-designed business card strikes a chord.  A high quality business card is an ambassador for your business.

Marketing opportunities with printed stationery do not stop at business cards.  The second must-have is printed envelopes.  It may be that postal communications are dwindling but when a letter arrives, it has more impact than another email in your junk box.  Printed envelopes are with your company branding smacks of professionalism.

Of course, married to the envelope must be the letterhead.  This is the third product on the Vital Concept Top 3 must-have list.  The look and feel of the letterhead must shout out your company brand and, appropriately lay out, ensures contact details are easy to find.  There are numerous options are available for business cards printing London, printed envelopes and letterheads at Vital Concept Print. All can be are tailored to suit any range of budgets and styles.  The team will work closely with you to ensure at every opportunity your stationery will leave a powerful, lasting impression.