Ten Tips to Increase Sales in Your Shop

As experts in marketing design and print, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses really make their mark in their local communities. Here are just a few ways you too can really boost your store’s revenue – and with a little help from our banner printing and point of display solutions.

1. Design an eye-catching banner

First impressions count – showcase a new sale or deal with a simple, attractive banner with a little help from our professional banner printing service.

Tips to Increase Sales

2. Offer your customers something extra

Follow up with your shoppers via email at their discretion to perhaps offer them a small discount off their next purchase – everyone loves a bargain!

3. Advertise in-store with high quality prints

Make use of our brilliant canvas printing service by designing a descriptive, attractive canvas design to showcase who you are and what you do in-store.

4. Organise effectively

Consider how your visitors like to shop – have you arranged your products in a way that makes logical sense? Consider arranging items and advertising add-on products together.

5. Add-on sales

Showcase add-on sales that benefit your customers at the till point with a point of display that’s sharp, friendly and gives them all the information they need.

6. Don’t overdo your designs

When it comes to advertising in-store, less can often mean more. When designing marketing for banner printing, consider the most minimal way you can reach customers – don’t cram displays full of text!

7. Provide a business card

Offering a business card with every sale allows customers to visit you online or to come back to you in future – a great way to encourage extra sales!

8. Create attractive displays

Showcase the products you are most proud of – or those which are most likely to sell – with a fantastic banner or point of sale display towards the centre of your shop.

9. Consider eye-level

Where will your customers’ eyes drift to? Capture them by displaying canvas printing at a low level, and arranging your merchandising at comfortable heights.

10. Smile!

Designs and printing will do the legwork in terms of getting people interested – but by being friendly and genuinely happy to help, you’ll convince customers that your shop is worthwhile coming back to – people like helping other people! Be genuine and offer to help your visitors.

There’s many ways you can increase your sales – and while these tips can vary from shop to shop, consider banner printing and high quality marketing supplies to help you hit the ground running