Tips and advice for creating flyers to promote your business or event.

The benefits of a good flyer for your business or a business event are numerous – that is possible what makes them a popular choice in marketing material for businesses of all sizes and scales far and wide. They are easily distributable, cheap to produce and reproduce, flexible to amend and update and of course can hold a great deal of essential information on your business, products and services that your potential clients can retain at hand, in their pocket or pop on their fridge because of their portability.  The cost effectiveness of a flyer is hard to overestimate as they really are great value for money when produced well. In the UK they are VAT free but when produced in bulk orders can be even cheaper to produce.

flyers to promote your business or event

When it comes to creating and designing an excellent business flyer we have a number of tips to help you:

•    Use your company branding and image in your flyer to ensure that potential customers and clients recognize your company and it stands out from others

•    Think about what the focus of your flyer is – is it a sale? A discount? A new product or service? Use the middle of your flyer for this purpose as it gets the most eye-attention.

•    Make it eye-catching and creative but don’t overwhelm the flyer with intricate detail and small print in an attempt to get more on to it – people lose interest or get bored with looking too hard for key information

•    But do ensure your key information is clear and cleanly laid out – contact details, opening times, promotions, locations or special services are especially important

•    Use a ‘call to action’ to really give your flyer impact, such as asking the recipient to bring the flyer with them to take advantage of a priority offer or service

Once you have a good design and included all of the key information you need to, it is vital to choose a professional and experienced printing company. As a company that offers flyer printing London wide for a range of businesses and events, we understand the printing needs that our customers must consider. From paper quality and flyer size to batch sizes and offering mocked samples, a good company will advise and support you adequately.

Before going to print for your order we recommend taking a moment for a last 3-point check list:

3. Proofread and spell check your flyer – poor grammar and mistakes costs you business

2. Think about how many you really need to print – is the information likely to change soon?

1. Lastly, take a good look at your flyer – would you have trust and confidence in a company that promoted itself like this? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you’re good to go

One of the good things about flyers is that they can be widely distributed, but you do need to think of strategy. Whether you’re hand delivering, placing in to local newspapers, using a distribution company or leaving on the counters in local shops, you need to think about whom you are targeting and how they will see the flyer most effectively. This will also give you an idea of numbers to print.