Things to Keep in Mind While Creating Business Cards

While the internet may have done a lot for personal and business promotion alike over the years, there is still nothing quite like sealing interest from a potential client with a good, old fashioned business card.  Business card printing is still popular even in today’s web-focused world, and you’ll be surprised how many companies opt for personalisation of stationery – from envelopes to notepads – and they can still be highly effective when it comes to subconscious advertising.  However, there are still a few things you should be aware of before plunging into having a few business cards printed off.

Firstly, research your market – what does a good, effective business card actually look like?  It’ll likely display the essentials – your name, your business, what you do, your contact information – and that’s it.  You really don’t need much more than the basics when it comes to advertising in this way, as slogans and other selling features can appear cloying or desperate for attention.  And yes, while you are looking for attention if you are looking for business card printing in the first place, it’s important to show that you look professional and not desperate!

Secondly, professionalism is key.  Try not to overload your business card design with bright colours or garish fonts unless you are offering a particular business or service those benefits from it.  A consultancy service will probably benefit from not having floral edging or curling fonts.  A florist, however, might!  Know your audience, know your brand, know your appeal – before you even think about starting business card printing, you must make sure that you have an optimum design for the people you are trying to reach.  Envelopes, too – along with notepads – will also benefit from a sleek, interesting logo that directly catches the interest of your key demographic.

Thirdly and finally, ask around!  Try a few designs, see what people think.  Opinions will differ, but you will very likely hit upon one or two designs that evoke positive or instantaneous interest from most people.  It’s better to roll with a design that catches the eye in a good way than to shock or even intimidate.  Business card printing comes in large batches, so it’s all the more crucial to get your design right first time.  The same will apply to if you use a logo or edging for notepads and envelopes.

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