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The Survival Print Kit for Event Planners

Taking your business and its marketing material to an event or exhibition can be a very big deal indeed – after all, you’ll be presenting your brand and your livelihood to the world – meaning that you are going to need to show off your wares and services with the help of some brilliant designs and professional printing.  As expert professional printers who can provide bespoke products for Foamex boards and even for exhibition display stands, you can count on Vital Concept Print to provide you with everything you need to get started at an exhibition of any size.  There’s no need to be worried – everyone attending will be in the same boat as you!
The Survival Print Kit for Event Planners

Our exhibition display stands are easy to design for and are even easier to set up and present – meaning that all you’ll ever need to do is create the visuals and branding and we will do the rest.  Our display stands will allow you to show off your brand, logos and product range in as little or as much detail as you require, with the added bonus that you’ll be free to offer those reliable business cards and flyers to potential clients alongside.  If you’re thinking of tackling several events and exhibitions over the next few weeks and months, you can do far worse than take on plenty of marketing and advertising ammo to help sell your services.

Sometimes, a portfolio and a sales patter can only do so much – Foamex boards can be printed and cut to represent your design and pitch to catch the eyes of fellow clients and vendors whom you may wish to partner with.  What’s more, they can do so without you needing to put much effort into your speech or delivery – though it will always pay to be confident, no matter how good your marketing material may be!

Our event printing services are set up to ensure that you and your business shine at even the biggest of exhibitions.  After all, that good first impression is all you will ever need to make.  Why not have a look at some of the components of our events print kit and see whether or not you can make a splash at your next big event?  We’re confident you’ll have no problems at all – just count on us for professional and flexible printing for all your commercial needs.