Strengths of a Printed Document

It might be a far leap from professional document printing to Homer but one of the great remaining mysteries in literature is who was he, where did he come from and are his stories true?  His great works The Iliad and The Odyssey are some of the most famous stories in the world and they are thousands of years old.  How do we know about them and how have they lasted so long? Someone somewhere wrote them down.

Printed Document

These ancient texts are a testament to the longevity of the written word and this is longevity is something we can all take advantage of.  Perhaps we do not need a presentation to last as long as Homer’s writings but a professionally printed and bound document will last a long time after the initial meeting.  It will survive the journey back the office and lurk on the desk reminding your customer of your company products or services.


Another powerful facet of the printed medium is that it proves a point in time, and it provides a guarantee.  Of course, be careful what you wish for (and what clients can then ask for) but your name in writing, your promise and your line in the sand is everything.  With your reputation at stake it, a professionally printed and bound document is the best way to ensure there are no mistakes.  Vital Concept Print can help you produce a stand out document, Wiro bound in a variety of sizes.  These Wiro bound books are the perfect way to present annual reports, business proposals, manuals and of course presentation documents.


Not all written documentation is as long as an annual report but it is still very important to portray the right image even when writing a simple letter.  The letterhead is an ambassador for your brand before the contents of the letter have even been read.  Vital Concept Print offer personalised and professional quality letterhead for a range of budgets and to be more environmentally friendly, they even offer recycled letterhead printing too that does not stint on quality.


Need copies of forms and invoices?  Carbonless form printing is the solution for your company.  Vital Concept Print can produce NCR Printing (no carbon required) personalised for your company’ and can be printed in a number of different sizes.  NCR pads afford an instant way to make copies of all your financial transactions and purchase management documents.


In the modern workplace the professionally printed document provides a versatility that is a far cry from Ancient Greek texts but it does make me wonder what would have happened if Homer had access to a modern printing press?