Promotional products for brand awareness

At Vital Concept Print we could be accused of repeating ourselves but spreading the message about brand awareness is our morning mantra.  Whether it is Nike with their memorable tag line, Coca Cola with the famous shaped bottle or even Virgin with their instantly recognizable red and white logo, branding is everything.


Think however of those companies which get their brand all wrong.  Even the big hitters make mistakes.  Gap recalled an updated version of their iconic logo after five days as it had received so many complaints.  The London Olympics 2012 logo was also condemned within minutes of launching.  Not only was it unclear what the logo meant, it was also claimed by some to have a political message and others to look like Lisa Simpson!


It is easy to pass judgment on these corporate leviathans but with every company large or small the same rules apply when it comes to brand awareness.  We write about this a lot at Vital Concept Print because it is so important.  An absolute must for brand awareness is a consistent corporate identity.  Your logo, tag line, and or design must be the same across all promotional products.


For every event, exhibition and trade fair, we have the right promotional product to market your company at an affordable price.  You can provide the artwork or our creative team can design a bespoke piece that can be printed across a range of promotional products.  When you work with us there is no dilution of your brand.


When attending trade fairs and conferences, we recommend our range of roller banners and exhibition displays.  The roller banners come in a variety of sizes and budgets to suit indoor and outdoor venues.  These roller banners really will provide the opportunity for your brand to stand out amongst the crowds.  They are reusable and long lasting and provide excellent value for money.  For those companies who attend exhibitions more regularly we suggest an investment in an exhibition display.  These are adaptable to suit a variety of venues and come in a number of sizes and some with curves!  There are options to purchase the stands individually or as part of an exhibition display bundle pack.


Promoting brand awareness does not stop with these larger banners and foamex boards.  To maintain the consistent corporate identity, your brand must be ever present from your company signage to your flyers.  It is Vital Concept Print’s expertise across a vast spectrum of promotional products that will ensure you don’t walk out the door with anything that can be mistaken for Lisa Simpson!