What message do your promotional flyers give out about your company?

Printed flyers and leaflets are a popular and cost effective way to reach out to people and share a message. Despite their popularity, it is well known that not all promotional flyer campaigns work. We have all picked up a leaflet or flyer that has come through the letterbox and thrown it straight in the bin. Everyday a marketing budget has been wasted, and is clogging up recycling bins across the country. The question is why some go straight into the bin and yet others catch our eye?

The answer is simple and it isn’t luck. It is good design. A snappy phrase and a high impact image can determine the success of a printed flyer campaign. Flyer printing and leaflet printing is an art and at Visual Concept Print they have the expertise to make sure your marketing budget isn’t heading straight to the rubbish bin.

Every business looking into flyer printing has a message they want to share. It may be an exercise of brand awareness or perhaps a promotional offer to welcome new customers. Whatever the marketing intention, the branding on the creating flyer must be very clear. It must be obvious at a glance who or what the flyer is about. In this age of fast technology, it has been suggested that our attention spans are getting shorter. A quick look should encourage the viewer to read more. If the branding does not stand out the flyer has already failed.

The need for a professional printed flyer cannot be overstated. An overcrowded, busy leaflet, with no eye-catching headline projects amateurism. If you can’t explain to the reader what it is your business does in a few simple words it implies you don’t really know. One large visual image is a brilliant way to draw in the reader but this must be backed up with a few well-chosen words. A short and snappy headline entices the reader to find out more.

It couldn’t be easier to ensure your flyer or leaflet is promoting the very best of your company. Vital Concept Print understand the flyer and leaflet printing business and can work with you to create a memorable, engaging and effective flyer and leaflet. They print all standard sizes and also offer a bespoke service for those looking for something different. Their expertise will help you create an outstanding flyer to facilitate a successful, and value for money marketing campaign.