Printed Foamex Signs - Cost Effective Sign Solutions

Whatever kind of business you have and whoever your clientele and marketing audience is, there is absolutely no doubt that you will need some kind of signage. Signage options have remained relatively the same over the years – probably not changing much since the invention of the printing press. But a small revolution is occurring in the signage world – printed Foamex signs. These signs are thicker, stronger and have real presence.

Here at Vital Concept we can provide a whole range of Foamex boards to choose from, from a variety of thicknesses and sizes to suit. So what are the benefits of these Foamex boards, we hear you ask? Well quite simply they are incredible value for money, because what you get when you invest in a Foamex board is a long-lasting and durable signage solution. The density and strength of Foamex boards mean they can easily be reused time and time again with minimal wear and tear. This kind of durability means excellent value for money. The lightweight structure results in a signage solution that is easily portable and transportable.

10mm Foamex Board

The finishing quality of the printed Foamex boards that Vital Concept produce are of exceptional standards, so that you can be sure when you have a Foamex board depicting your goods and services it simply stands out from the rest. We here at Vital Concept know our marketing material so naturally we are on hand to help our customers ascertain the best Foamex printed sign option for their business needs. Depending on where you’re erecting your signage, the audience and the visuals on display we can advise you on the best solution for your marketing project. And if it was not enough that the many benefits of Foamex boards illustrate great investment, there’s another key element. The cost.

For us at Vital Concept we understand that marketing costs money, and in these economic times when small to medium sized businesses need to economise on their budgets the marketing budget is one that must make compromises. But we simply do not believe in compromising quality for cost, so we offer unbeatable prices on our durable, high quality Foamex boards, starting from as little as £16. Our competitive prices coupled with our knowledge, service delivery and friendly staff make us the most cost effective provider for your Foamex printed signage.