New Restaurant Menus Can Increase Your Customers Spend

Do you run a restaurant, a café or even a takeaway and have noticed that your menus could do with a little TLC?  Are your customers confused about options you have available, or are you noticing that your existing price lists are floating away in the breeze?  Why not consider menu printing with a difference?

A quality menu – in both content and form – can really say a lot about you, your business, and even your customers – which is why it’s incredibly important to understand why keeping a fresh menu is just as crucial as keeping fresh ingredients!  Takeaway menu printing or wine list production, we can help you.

While a menu’s design and contents will be down to your own business and marketing strategies, a poorly-printed or low-quality price list will leave a poor taste in your customers’’ mouths.  Will a customer be more likely to spend more in an establishment with high quality printed menus with clear text, engaging colours and simple layout, or in a restaurant that has a confusing layout and the lowest quality in menu printing – some establishments still offer black-and-white price lists showing that you have applied thought and care towards the production of something as simple as a menu can have surprising effects.  First impressions, after all, are everything.  This even comes down to takeaway menu printing – you will be surprised!

And for restaurants, this is essential – the menu, the surroundings, the sights and smells – are all first impressions.  Customers are taking a risk in buying from your menu – so why not make it look good?  They will be more inclined to order starters or even desserts if the impression works well – meaning that you are far more likely to convert a hungry diner into a regular customer if your brochures are clean, crisp, easy to read and are free from marks, folds and other damage.

This is why high quality menu printing is all the more important – and so many restaurants, even those that look for a high turnover, get this wrong!  Takeaways, too – we have all seen and rejected poor takeaway menu printing in our time!

With Vital Concept print, you can be assured of high quality menu printing at a competitive rate you won’t find anywhere else.  We work with the very best in printing equipment and are dedicated to ensuring that our customers come away with great-looking menu designs and first impressions that will last.

If you’re starting up a restaurant, need a superb quality takeaway menu printing, or are looking for an overhaul on the promotional material, why not see what we can do for you today?