Market Your Business Head and Shoulders Above the Competition!

Is your business in need of a little bit of TLC?  Maybe you’re looking at starting a new advertising campaign but are unsure where to start – what materials should you use?  How big should your designs be?  Most importantly, how much should you spend?  With a Foamex Board solution from Vital Concept Print, you can be sure that our answer to that last question won’t break the bank!

Foamex Boards are fantastic for promoting businesses, new product lines and properties for sale and even menus and drinks lists.  In a range of thicknesses and sizes to suit your needs and budget, a Foamex board from Vital Concept Print will give you a professional and long-lasting advertising space that’s versatile and incredible value for money.  While we specialise in many printing solutions from sticker printing to placards, we can really help even the smallest of businesses shine with our Printed Foamex Signs.

Foamex is head and shoulders above cardboard, glossy print or even laminate when it comes to large-scale advertising, particularly outside – this is because they are made to be incredibly durable and resistant to all manner of external weather and debris that you might find outside of doors. This also means that, for your money, you really are acquiring a long-lasting advertising campaign that we guarantee will require little in the way of maintenance – in fact, we believe the only time you’ll need more is if you rebrand or need to expand your campaign with another Foamex Board or two!

With our Printed Foamex Signs and Foamex Boards for advertising and promotional use, you can be assure of quality as well as value for money – here at Vital Concept Print we pride ourselves on our final product as well as our dedication to low prices and efficient delivery.  This means that you can always be assured of a great-looking sign or board within a number of days of your order, and one which will last you months and years to come.

Are you starting up a delivery firm and are in need of highlighting your services?  Maybe you run a small takeaway and need a little something to help your pizzas outsell the competition!  Or, maybe you’re looking to advertise a big one-off event and need to drum up interest from the public – whatever the need, the event or the occasion; we can print lightweight and convenient Foamex Boards in a range of sizes. The durability and lightweight nature of our Printed Foamex Signs allows them to be easily moved, stored and transported to wherever they may be needed!

We provide Foamex Boards in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm sizes, meaning that if you’re looking for a small display or a big placard to highlight your business to all and sundry, we will be happy to help.  Our ranges of printed Foamex Boards are versatile and reusable to ensure that you get the flexibility and value for money that your business and budget deserves.

If you’re looking for placard and sign solutions that will really elevate your business head and shoulders above the competition, why not go for Foamex Boards when printing your boards and signs?