FESPA represents the world’s biggest and best design and print firms on a truly huge scale, with over 17000 industry professionals lining up to display their wares and work over a series of days in an exhibition based in Amsterdam.  The European event has been running for over ten years now and it’s set to throw another huge bash in March 2016.

Exhibiting at FESPA brings a huge amount of interest and even sales into many print businesses and it’s more or less the biggest event on the international calendar – this means that to be the best, you really need to get your product range and designs up and running, and shining to their full potential to make a breakthrough at the Holland-based event.

It’s also a fantastic chance to contrast and compare with the competition, as a colossal number of industry professionals, chains and sole traders alike, will be available and ready to show their best to the industry and indeed the world.  Here at VC Print, we believe we design, create and publish FESPA-quality design and print work all year round – meaning that you may well see our team shining amongst the competition at a future exhibition!

Vital Concept Print’s versatile and affordable range has made us winners with our customers – new, old, enquiring and returning – meaning that regardless of what you need to help market your business, we have the shapes, the styles, the types and the forms to help bring your wares to the masses.  FESPA showcases the very best in print media, communications and advertising strategy, and our products are up there with the very best on show.

FESPA highlights work to industry investors, professionals and high-level executives, meaning that investment is likely if the right wares are on show for the right prices.  This is why we believe we are a FESPA-ready brand – while we pride ourselves on our affordable rates an efficient turnaround, we guarantee that our products and range are of consistent high quality that are competitive in price as well as in our brilliance.  If you need business cards, stickers, branding, advertising boards, letterheads or more – we can provide it for you.  No fuss, no hassle – what you see is what you get and, of course, you retain creative control.

Getting exhibited at FESPA is a great honour as it means rubbing shoulders with the industry’s movers and shakers, and highlights your product range alongside some of the world’s very best.  It’s a big market out there, but Vital Concept Print are FESPA ready and are ready to roll with a consistently superb product range and approach to design and marketing, aiming to bring our customers guaranteed quality and efficiency on each and every order.  No matter the design, no matter the requirement – get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to turn your marketing vision into a solid reality!