Make your event successful with the right printed display products

Attendees at an exhibition, conference or trade show are bombarded with images selling brands, products and services. It is amongst this clutter and noise that your business needs to stand out. There are a few simple things that make a difference to an exhibition display. Good lighting is a priority. Products should be clearly on view and if appropriate a sample should be available to try out. The ever present cup of coffee engages your potential client in conversation and offers a chance to introduce your business. In addition,the use of technology is always popular, with iPads and tablets an obvious attraction. These gadgets are very useful too as they can often be a tool to gather information from your visitors.

The list of tips could go on but however slick you may be with technology and generous with the free drinks, nothing will entice the visitors like an outstanding exhibition display. Make a bold visual impact and send a clear and concise message. This is where Vital Concept Print can help you. They have a huge array of roller banners, exhibition stands and signs to suit any trade show, exhibition or conference at an affordable price. It is very difficult to stand out in the crowd but with Vital Concept’s expertise, it is now a whole lot easier. Their creative team can assist with choosing the right product for any event and will also work with you to create the right design.

Roller banners are always very popular and come in a variety of sizes, to suit the available space and different budgets. All the banners are high quality and are designed to be durable and long lasting. If you require flexibility at your point of display, the interchangeable banner would be a good choice. The graphic panels can be changed very easily to suit every occasion. There are also lightstop roller banners that are non-reflective and prevent glare distracting from your company message.

The roller banners is only one of the options available. For those events where you have more space to showcase your business, exhibitions stands are great investments. It goes without saying that the larger exhibition display the more impact your business can make. The increased space allows for even more creativity in your point of display design. Whatever the occasion, Vital Concept print has a product that will fit your marketing needs.

Perhaps the Exhibition Display bundle pack is the key to making a statement at your next event? This easy to assemble pack requires no tools and is easy to transport. The carry case even transforms into a podium! Looking for something extra? Curved exhibition displays offer that element of style to market a brand or product. Not only do these curved displays offer the larger display in a smaller space; the Twist 3 Panel curved exhibition stands are multipurpose and can be changed into six different configurations.

Printed display products might not be as glamorous as an iPad or as refreshing as a cup of coffee but they are the key to exhibiting your products or services at a large event. To optimise all the potential of your visit to an event, make sure you have spoken to Vital Concept Print to find out which printed display product is right for your business.