How to Fold Your Brochure in a Completely Different Way

When you consider brochures or flyers, you may think immediately of the basic book-fold design – one which allow you to flick over a page to read more.  However, more and more businesses and individuals seeking brochure printing London and elsewhere are considering more outlandish ways to print and produce their advertising material – meaning that whether you’re into square brochures, tri-folded designs or otherwise, VC Print will happily set you up with a curious brochure format that will help you, your business and brand stand out from the norm.
Traditional half-folded brochures and tri-folded brochures will allow you to sneak away certain pieces of information that lie in wait for the reader – meaning that, once they’ve been enticed by the main look and message of the front, they can open their leaflet up to learn more.  These offer curious ways for you to encourage your readers to read on.  Tri-folded brochures, which most services providing brochure printing London and elsewhere will supply, offer thinner, more flexible designs which can often give you the opportunity to organise your information more clearly and in a more compact way.
brochure fold technique


Square brochure printing is coming into vogue, too.  This type of brochure printing will enable you to stand out amongst the crowd with a contemporary, even-sided look that can be used in tandem with an eye-catching colour scheme or design.  These types of brochure work well for businesses aiming to offer a certain class of product or service – and they are definitely worth considering.


French fold brochures are also provided by services supplying brochure printing London and elsewhere – these allow you to fold up your brochure almost as if it is an old-style map – so that you hand your potential customer a compact square that they can fold out into a bigger page.  This is a great way for you to compact your information into a neat little package.


Finally, consider z-fold brochures.  As its name suggests, this type of fold allows you to fold in your brochure rather like a concertina – and it can be used in a similar fashion to a tri fold brochure design.  Once again, it’s a cunning way to store more information and to encourage further reading.


No matter which brochure style you opt for – square brochure or otherwise – VC Print can provide you with flexible options for any designs you have in mind.  Get in touch to learn more!