Top Tips On How to Create a Design for a Printed Banner to Make It Stand Out

Banners are simply an excellent marketing solution for a variety of promotional events and circumstances. Whether you’re considering PVC banner printing or roller banners, a banner solution needn’t be expensive, complicated or confusing as a concept. Here at Vital Concept we take the hassle out of banner printing. Our broad and long standing experience in banner printing means we have the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to produce a high quality and effective banner for any business promotional event. That’s why this week we’re taking a little blog space to give you our top three tips on how to create an effective banner design.

Think bold not busy:

When you have such a vast promotional space to fill such as a banner, it’s tempting to try and fill the entire space with information and visuals to make the most of it. But in actual fact less is most definitely more. Big, bold lettering and graphics work much better in getting people’s attention and getting a core message across. Trying to get too much in the space tires out the viewers’ vision and makes them less likely to may full attention.

Use colour effectively:

Whether it’s a PVC banner or roller banner a good design uses colour to its best. Keeping with your company’s brand identity colours is important. If you haven’t established a company brand palette of colours then simply using bold colour options but minimally works well as does monochrome, although do watch out monochrome can easily slip into the visual background noise of a busy exhibition or conference environment.

Succinct not surplus words:

Too much written text can be a huge put off. The key is for a passer-by to get the core information whilst they are passing and be given enough interesting information make them stop and ask you for more information. Nobody will have the time to stop and read the equivalent of a broadsheet newspaper on a banner. If there’s a ‘sale’ or a ‘discount’, a ‘new product’ or a ‘freebie’ then these core words are usually most of what you need to get the job of attention grabbing done.

So that’s our key advice for designing banners, but if you’re still unsure call our friendly and helpful team at Vital Concept today to get the best advice on how to go about designing your perfect banner at unbeatable prices.