Hidden Facts of Custom Made Foamex Printing in London

The world of print advertising and marketing is evolving just as quickly and as broadly as its online counterpart is, and as it stands, foamex boards are amongst the front of the pack when it comes to pulling in the widest appeal. Foamex signs are highly sought-after for a number of reasons – they are relatively cheap to source, to produce and to work with – and they are often extremely versatile and can be used in all weathers. This means that they make perfect outdoor sign material in the wet and the dry – and more and more businesses are learning about how a good foamex creation can help to boost their trade and interest in their brands and products. There are, however, a few things you may not know about foamex – and why these boards and signs are becoming increasingly popular in London and throughout UK business advertising.

Foamex Printing in London

At VC Print, as a London-based print marketing powerhouse, we know only too well the various pros and cons of different types of materials and advertising formats – but foamex is easily one of our favourites. What you may not know about foamex boards is that they don’t have to be produced, designed or cut to the same standard – they can be printed on, edited and cut up into various formats and styles, meaning that if you are in need of an advertising campaign that really stands out from the competition, you may do well to consider foamex signs as your first port of call.

Foamex boards and advertising isn’t so much a secret in and around London – but the ways they can be manipulated and spliced in with other formats, supplies and standards aren’t perhaps as well-known as they could be. At VC Print, we will be happy to supply you with branded and professionally-printed foamex solutions for you to use to create bespoke marketing materials and advertising boards to any end – the limits are set entirely by your own imagination and the designs that you supply. We simply make sure that we can create fantastic foamex signs that can weather the years and both the wet and the dry.

Looking for a new way to publicly advertise your firm and product line but are keen to stray from the banners and posters of old? Take a good look at foamex – and consider what unique standards you can create to boost your commercial profile!