Get Ahead for Christmas: Plan Your Print Now!

It’s true - the festive season is an incredible time of year for small business – as it can give you an opportunity to connect with your customers and prospective clientele on a uniquely friendly level. Taking advantage of the season doesn’t just mean throwing in deal after deal – consider jazzing up your stationery, your services and your freebies – who doesn’t love receiving gifts at Christmas? Here at VC Print, we have a range of festive physical marketing supplies and goodies to help brighten up your clients’ day – and to imprint your brand and services for the year ahead.


Who doesn’t like receiving a Christmas card or two? Send out corporate Christmas cards from your business to others and to your best-loved clients – or, if the idea of a folded design doesn’t appeal to you, why not consider a festive, branded postcard to help celebrate the season and spread some much-needed cheer? Invitation cards, too – if you’re hosting a corporate gala or event to celebrate the season – never go amiss if you’re looking to network and socialise ahead of the big day.

Get Ahead for Christmas: Plan Your Print Now!


If you work in hospitality or leisure, theming your menus, placemats and coasters make for a very good move indeed – and what’s more, you can imprint your business, brand and ethos on each and every one. People make physical use of all three – meaning that you can effectively advertise all year round without having to try too hard! Offering this sort of freebie this time of year is always welcomed, as are pens, erasers and more besides – no one refuses a free gift, and if it means boosting your clientele and revenue, VC Print are only ever too happy to help!


As the New Year approaches, it’s only right that we start to put up our new calendars – it makes sense that you should produce and ship out themed or branded calendars this time of year – but you’ll need to get ahead of the rush! Wall calendars can be hung up and enjoyed from room to room, as can folded calendars – desk calendars, however, are really fit for business purpose – meaning that if your target and focus is fellow businesspeople, it may be worth your branding and shipping out desk calendars to increase your brand profile for the year ahead.

Marketing and advertising is a tricky game, and while in some cases you may need to be on top of the game for much of the year, Christmas offers the perfect opportunity for you to hand out some freebies which will do the job for you for the year ahead – take a look at our catalogue to learn more!