Folders – What to consider when designing and selecting print!

We’ve mentioned to you previously what we feel are the benefits are to having presentation folders for your business. The convenience, the professional repository of information, the psychological impact of a stylish free bit or merchandise, the accessibility and memorable nature of it as a piece of marketing material – the benefits are seemingly endless. And whilst this week, we’re not going to repeat this again, we thought we’d take the next step and provide some advice on what to consider when designing printed presentation folders and advice on selecting print companies for the product. Using our presentation folder printing experience we’re giving you 3 of our best bits of sound advice.

Having variety

Presentation folders are not simply one-size fits all, any printing company worth its ink will not try and advise you that it is. A good printing company, like us say, well always have a variety of presentation folder options from sizes, number of pages, textures and finishes to creative inserts storage or die0cutr techniques for added impact. So ensure that when you’re designing your folder you know what variety of options is out there and look at examples. Then take the time to think about what aspects are most relevant for your business, don’t be tempted to pick all effects, finishes and techniques just because they are available.

A5 Single Sided Printed Folders Printing

Quality images and designs

A printed presentation folder that has impact is just as much about the quality of the print, text and imagery as it is about the size and content. So having professional print quality of text and images is absolutely vital. The best way to ensure this when selecting a printing company for your print work is to see their portfolio of work, look at samples and reviews and see for yourself whether their quality is up to the standard that you want your business presentation folder to exude – don’t simply take their word for it!

A4 Double Sided Printed Folders Printing

Understand the options and costs

Whilst a presentation folder is an important element of your company’s marketing strategy, your marketing strategy is also part of your overall business costs and so this needs to be taken in to consideration. Make sure you understand your printing companies, costs and options. A reliable and respectable print company will be transparent and clear with you about the costs of the product as well as any additional costs to finishes and techniques before you confirm your order. Ensure you know the costs for bulk orders and any logistical costs (delivery, proofing, handling etc) up front so that before you agree you know how much money you will be parting with.

Once you have these considerations covered you’re well prepared to select the right company to provide you with stunning business presentation folders. What’s that? You’ve decided already? Well, we’ll await your call then!