Foamex Boards as the Perfect Advertising Sign Material for Your Business

Are you just starting out in business, or are you looking to expand your scope of marketing above and beyond your normal remit?  Have you considered taking your advertising and campaigns on the road, or externally?  If so, it is highly likely that you will benefit from our fantastic range of Foamex boards, printed on and used specifically for heavy-duty, long-term advertising campaigns that require both travel and weather resistance.  There’s nothing quite like a Foamex sign for endurance!

There’s nothing quite like a Foamex board for both a quality print and an effective long-term advertising arrangement.  These thick boards are extremely lightweight and useful for even the smallest of campaigns, making them an ideal choice for small, local businesses, upcoming shows and rallies, or even as temporary store signs.  Foamex is generally a go-to material for event and important signage, as it provides a striking alternative to PVC or other printing methods for outdoor use.  A Foamex sign can be wall mounted and hung, and can be used in almost all weathers – providing you have it tied down!

Foamex is affordable and superb if you are also looking to advertise or promote long term, but are limited to a certain budget.  Our printed foamex signs are used by businesses and students alike, offering fantastic opportunities for sales and event promotion in the woolliest of weathers.  While social media and online promotion has done a lot for getting word out and about regarding certain events, products and issues, you will be surprised just how many people you can obtain to your brand or event from a bold, striking and resistant Foamex road or street sign.

You can attract passing motorists, pedestrians, dog-walkers, you name them – if your brand or product is particularly aimed at those who enjoy getting out and about, or are a regular commuter or motorist, it is well worth considering printing on a high-quality Foamex board to ensure that you capture the right eyes at the right time, every time.

Foamex board printing is just one of our many superb, high-quality services and we’re extremely proud to continue offering this line at such an affordable rate.  For a small business looking to appeal to a new crowd, a car boot sale in need of visitors (and maybe even cars), or a local takeaway that’s under new management, a Foamex sign has a wealth of benefits – Contact us at Vital Concept Print and see what we can do for your business with Foamex today?