Why choose Foamex boards as advertising signs for your business promotion?

Signage is all around us, from road signs, billboards, instructions and warnings – each competing with our attention for prime place of importance. In fact we are so consumed by signage that sometimes we see through them, blinded by the sheer quantity. That is why it is so important for any business in this day and age contemplating signage as part of their marketing strategy to think outside of the routine signage options. This is precisely where an option like Foamex Boards comes in.

Foamex boards are an ideal signage solution for a number of reasons. They certainly stand out from the drab 2D flat poster options that we have come to know, love and sometimes ignore. These options certainly have their benefits, but the Foamex board offers a stand-out, high quality finish and with depths that can only but catch the eye. At Vital Concept we naturally produce some of the best finishes to our Foamex Boards and at reasonable prices. Foamex Boards are a fantastic option for signs that need optimum attention, such as safety signs or instructions, they are great advertising boards in areas that have otherwise flat signage from competitors – such as public area notice boards.

A Foamex Board also gives a very professional and ‘premium’ finish that may not necessarily be reflected in the price. The best aspect of a Foamex Board is understandably its durability the thickness and quality of the sign means it can be used, removed and reused very frequently whilst causing little or no damage. They survive storage very well as they don’t succumb to the bend and curl of paper and card in storage tubes. Then of course they are deceptively lightweight with their air pocket centres – so can be transported simply and easily.

Our Foamex Boards come in multiple size options and thicknesses ranging from 3mm, 5mm and 10mm, depending on what suits. A smaller sign can get maximum benefit from a thinner thickness as it still has impact, a larger sign may need to be thicker to create better thickness and maximize durability, with the weight making it more liable to bend. And this is exactly the kind of information that our experts here at Vital Concept can support you with when you give our helpful, friendly team a call.