Some Flyer Ideas for Your Next Event

We all know how effective flyers can be – just one step up from the trusty business card and one down from a full-blown catalogue, a flyer is a great way to get plenty of information out about your business and product range without having to overload your audience.  When designed well and when printed using professional machinery and materials, you can produce some truly spectacular flyers that will not only catch the eye, but will also captivate interest and inform people as to what you and your business are all about.  Flyers, too, are a great way to get people talking and to look into what you do at a big event – such as a trade fair or exhibition – and we have a few ideas as to what you could do to make your next batch of flyers really fly off the stand.

Some Flyer Ideas for Your Next Event

Our flyer printing services are versatile and can be cut and measured to a number of different dimensions and thicknesses, meaning that if you want to go with a traditional, gloss laminated flyer, you can – but why not try a matt laminated flyer instead.  Matt flyers are arguably less common than gloss laminated flyers, and while the glossy effect will work spectacularly well for certain types of business, a matt effect may be what you are looking for if you are aiming to push for a more contemporary design or approach.  Matt laminated flyer designs can come in all shapes and sizes, and can be more striking to those who are attracted by contemporary design and culture – the type of business you run should, ultimately, decide upon the type of flyer you go for.

Gloss laminated flyer and traditional flyer printing shouldn’t be sniffed at, however – glossy flyers may be common but they are lightweight, easy to store and striking to the eye.  With the right design and enough information – but not too much – you can really get the word across without coming off too traditionalist or even too cheap.  If anything, our flyer printing puts an emphasis on premium quality – our glossy flyers are not like those you’ll find crammed through your letterbox – they’re created with care to provide a long-lasting sheen crafted especially to catch the eye.

Why not go for a thicker flyer?  While some people may think of flyers as typically flimsy or lightweight, they needn’t be – some businesses advertise on beer mats!  Our 350gsm flyers and 170gsm flyers provide you with a choice of thickness as well as style, meaning that you can provide an immediate sensory impact to your potential audience with a unique and memorable design.  Flyers should always get across just enough information to sell your business, but you should always consider the importance of design and style – 170gsm flyers or 350gsm flyers, whichever you may choose, can help to bridge the gap between the traditional and the unique.

Interested in trying out a new type of flyer for your next event?  Get in touch with Vital Concept Print – we’ll bring your advertising to life in unique ways that will leave positive, lasting effects upon anyone who takes them!