Planning on doing an exhibition? You must read this!

Exhibitions are a big deal for small businesses. It can’t be denied! They’re not only a great way for you to connect with local firms and to try and make a deal or two with a would-be client partner or two, they’re also a fantastic opportunity for businesses to see exactly what makes their industry tick – what fellow business people are doing to tackle promotion, customer engagement and more besides. Think of it as a form of networking, but with the added benefit of letting people come and speak to you about your products and services. As you’ll be putting yourself and your brand out there on show, it’s therefore probably wise to start considering how to make a fantastic first impression – and exhibition display stands and outdoor banners are a brilliant way to start out.

Exhibition Display Stands

Here at Vital Concept Print we specialise in a host of different promotional materials purely printed and crafted for use at exhibitions and trade fairs – therefore, whether you’re purchasing custom Foamex signs, stretch banners or a stack of promotional flyers to hand out to interested visitors, we’ll always have your back. Outdoor banners not only look the part but can be printed up to extraordinary sizes – meaning that if you’re looking to imprint your branding and your product line on a particularly big fair or event, this may be the best inlet for you.

Our exhibition display stands are simple to assemble and come complete with all of the promotional material you need to make that great first impression. Stands can showcase your products, your ethos, your logo and any promotional lines you wish to include – no matter what your design may be, we’ll ensure that you get the best quality in professional marketing print for your money. Quality advertising doesn’t start and end with what’s on the print – the quality of the print, too, is essential – and at an exhibition, you are going to need a superb finish to grab the eyes of everyone that approaches you.

Our exhibition supplies do the legwork of ensuring people are hooked by your designs and what you have to offer – the rest, from there, is up to you! In need of high quality exhibition marketing print supplies for less this season? Why not take a look at our catalogue – or email us for further details at your convenience?