Digging Deeper with Print Marketing

As the world shifts closer to simpler and more cost-efficient online marketing campaigns, you may be left wondering if print marketing is dead.  Whilst companies are keen to embrace digital technology, they are often unsure whether they should fully immerse themselves into this world, whilst abandoning print marketing such as brochure and leaflet printing.

On a daily basis, consumers are bombarded with digital communication; whether it’s the tried and tested e-newsletter or the über fashionable tweet or Facebook update.

Printed collateral on the other hand is almost more unique - it’s less expected as a marketing tool, yet it can have much more of an impact and can often result in higher revenues.  In a very crowded online world, print media can really stand out.

Print marketing certainly has its advantages.  For one it can stimulate the senses and create a positive brand association for your company in a way that a website could never manage.  Secondly, you can expect print media to land in front of the person you are targeting - there’s no chance of hard copy of a brochure disappearing into the black hole of a spam filter!

If you plan to continue the use of print media to get your message across, you may want to dig a little deeper into the medium in order to make the most from your print marketing.

Here are a few tips that you may want to follow:

Know your audience
If customer service is at the heart of your brand, then you should know your audience well and know exactly who you want to target. Just because a printed brochure or leaflet is designed well and looks pretty, doesn’t mean it’s going to have an instant impact on your audience, especially if it doesn’t contain a message that is appropriate to them as individuals.

Think about personalising your leaflet - could you include their name or choose images for your brochure that blend well with their age, gender or interests?

Offer unique solutions
Why should the customer contact you?  What is your USP?  What makes you different from your competitors - it doesn’t matter whether you are printing leaflets or sending out mass email campaigns - you need to get the message across to your customer that you are the company that can help them.

Once the customer has been in contact with you, keep the relationship going - send them correspondence to thank them for their custom, or a reminder about a follow up purchase or service.  You may choose to do this by email, or keep the impact high with a further follow up in print.

Be different
Using print in a digital world just isn’t enough sometimes - you may choose to send a standard A5 brochure, but is this going to be enough to excite your audience?  Think outside of the box - go for innovative shapes and folds, personalised messaging on your printed leaflets, unusual paper finishes such as metallic or three-dimensional.  There are endless options you can choose to add a spark to your brochure printing.

Print is still versatile enough to keep up in the digital world - it just needs you to delve a little deeper to release its potential.