Did the Digital Media Kill Print Media?

The rise of the internet has changed a number of things – how we interact, how we buy things, even how we listen to music and watch television shows – but it’s also changed the way in which we find out about certain products and services!  Consider the rise of digital banner ads on the websites and pages that you visit the most – they’re everywhere you look!

It can be argued that the age of the printed banner may be over, especially with the huge number of digital banner ads that cover our commonly-used sites and pages as of late.  Clicking a banner ad is quick and easy, and they will take you straight to where you want to go –and, as a result, they are often cheap to produce and very easy to spot.  However, with a huge market out there for print media still going strong, how do we at VC Print expect to keep up against the rise of digital advertising?

Print banners and media are arguably more subtle and more effective than digital banner ads in that they can be significantly more versatile, and appear for only a fleeting moment at a time in the average person’s eye and mind – whereas a digital banner can be blocked or interrupted by a program or application that can hide it or remove it altogether.  It’s also worth bearing in mind that digital adverts often annoy or irritate internet users to the point where they will attempt to avoid them wherever possible – meaning that they may not be as effective as many may have first thought!

With a printed banner, you can be assured of a great-looking and wide-covering advertisement that will remain standing (or hanging) for as long as you may need it – whereas digital banner ads are slightly more disposable!  While the rise of the internet has changed many of the things we have taken for granted over the years – perhaps even certain elements of the print media – printed banner solutions have never been so popular, and, with VC Print’s help, have never been so affordable!

Anyone looking to advertise locally as opposed to the internet at large will benefit hugely from a printed banner solution, as its aim is ultimately to catch the eye of people walking past – and may inspire a spontaneous purchase or even apply a subconscious effect – as anyone walking past may remember a particularly interesting or vivid banner later on when they are in need of certain products or services.  It is well worth weighing up your need for a physical banner before jumping to digital conclusions!

If you feel you could benefit from a fantastic-looking printed banner for a low cost and of a quality that will benefit you for months to come, why not order online from Vital Concept Print today?  We will be happy to discuss your needs if you require any help, if not please feel free to browse our online catalogue!