Designing Tips for Digital Print

While we consider ourselves experts in providing professional signage printing for a range of different businesses and fields of expertise, our products are ultimately only as good as the designs we receive! In everything we do, we will need to receive designs and promotional material from you that we can really bring the best out of – and to start with, you are going to need to create an image or two that appeals directly to your key audience – and in a way that will encourage them to use your services without going for the hard sell.

Designing Tips for Digital Print

First things first, roller banners, outdoor displays, pop up stands – or otherwise – all have something in common. They’re dependent on designs being optimised for their dimensions. You should always create a design based on a template sized to fit the type of banner you are looking for. Creating an image that is slightly less or more than the dimensions we suggest may result in stretching or even cutting off – meaning that you’ll be back to square one. We provide dimensions for all of our printing supplies and tools, meaning that no matter which program you use, you’ll always have the data you need before getting started.

Speaking of programs – make sure you research which is the best application for you. Some programs have very different layouts and features to others, meaning that you may not necessarily get the look you are aiming for or the accessibility you need during the design process. Consider taking on a free trial or two before you really throw yourself into the mix – as once you get comfortable with a program, you’ll find the process a breeze.

Finally – without going too deep into the design process – don’t just throw your designs out there. Consult others for an opinion before you jump into signage printing or before you purchase those pop up stands! It’s always good to get a wide range of opinions from people from all walks of life on what they think of your designs – after all, you are looking to capture the attention of the wider public!

While Vital Concept Print will be your ally in providing superb quality print marketing for outdoor displays, roller banners and more, it’s always a good idea to get your design strategy down pat before submitting to us. Take your time, get your dimensions in check and ask for an opinion or two – it really won’t hurt!