How to Design a Professional Presentation Folder with Your Branding

Any professional and well-conceived corporate event or conference will include a well-designed and professional presentation folder. These sleeves are an excellent way to publicise your company and its branding in a portable and memorable way that is useful to the client or potential client receiving it. These folders act as marketing material itself as well as a useful way to store and distribute other marketing material such as marketed stationary, leaflets or business card printing London. There are a range of different styles from those with single A4 sleeves, A5 pouches or business card holders. If you’re looking to design a professional presentation folder there are a number of excellent types of software out there, such as In design that provides excellent templates and guidance. Here are some of our top tips for creating and designing the perfect professional presentation folder:

presentation folder infographics

  • Make a paper dummy model to check measurements and dimensions before creating your actual design
  • Always keep a regular check on the die line to ensure a smooth finish in the colour and lines between pages
  • Retain your die line measurements so that you can alter and amend if your software auto-corrects the layout accidentally
  • Add colour bleeds to create a seamless finish between pages without unsightly white margins
  • Keep a regular check on your page layout to check the positioning of each page
  • When designing the inside of your folder you will need the die line to be the exact opposite of the front side – a good design software will have a ‘duplicate spread’ function to assist you with this
  • Each time you lock a design layer, check that your margin measurements haven’t shifted
  • Mock up a few ideas for the actual visual design before transferring it on to the actual template
  • Make good use of your company branding icons, imagery, logos and slogans
  • Ensure any large images are professionally added and meet the bleed line
  • Use colour and contrast effectively to get real impact – but use effects such as retro filters wisely without overwhelming the design
  • If you’re incorporating a business card holder in the design then use the blank space behind the card holder.

Lastly and possibly most importantly use a good quality printing company who are conversant with presentation folder printing on a good quality card for a good quality finish – this is what will give your printed presentation folders the professional edge that will speak volumes about the professionalism of your company.