How to Design an Impressive Business Card

Getting the right look for your business card stock down first time can be difficult – it’s tempting to go with some tried and tested designs and methods, of course, as there are some generally good and solid ways to grab attention – but, ultimately, the most impressive business card printing for you will depend highly upon the message you send as much as the visuals you use. You do not necessarily have to stray from the standardised, slightly square cards of old – many people are throwing in circular cards and ones that are custom-cut to make that little bit more of an impact on their clientele – however, there are a few ways that you can really make your business cards as effective as possible even if you just use the standard shapes and formats available to you.

Impressive Business Card

You are going to need to lead with a good name, a firm message and a logo – that much is true. Most business card printing these days allow for double-sided attacks, meaning that you can easily design the front of your card to show off your logo and any slogans, while using the back to go into a little more detail. This, however, is the most important part – you don’t want to go over the top when it comes to providing recipients with details. You want to offer just enough – you advise what you do, where you do it and how you can be contacted. You’ll need to lead with a look and with language that appeals to your audience – if approaching an older clientele, for example, buzzwords and bright colours are unlikely to impress.

The perfect business card is one that is solid, striking and memorable – and here at VC Print, we understand that it is just as much about getting the feel of a card right as it is about firming up that perfect look. We use industry-leading business card printing hardware and standards to ensure that our clients’ cards are appealing, of professional quality and of a sensible, practical cut. Having operated our own business for several years, we know what firms are looking for in terms of card printing – and it is usually a case of a professional finish and a minimal approach.

Take a look at some of the examples we’ve worked on to get some inspiration – or get in touch with the team today if professional, impressive business card printing is on your radar!