How to Design the Perfect Flyer for Your Business

While our team at VC print know more than a thing or two about getting the perfect printing quality down pat, it remains to be said that the flyer printing and leaflet printing we offer can often only be as good as the designs we are provided with. Getting your flyer design right before providing files to us is, of course, essential – but knowing where to start on creating the perfect look, formatting and design for leaflet printing is essential.

It goes without saying that all flyers and leaflets should catch the eye, the attention, in some way or other. Using a nice blend of colours, big deals or particularly enticing language will be the way forward here. You want to lead with an aesthetic that is simple and which doesn’t overload your potential customers – you’ll need to try and condense as much information as you can into a few choice words and images – flyer printing on the whole is all about giving across a minimum of information to your customers without leaving them perplexed or puzzled.

Perfect Flyer for Business

This brings us to our second point – you need to be clear. Avoid going into too much detail – no one likes to pore through walls of text when they’re simply glancing at a flyer or leaflet – but go for the main facets of your deal or offer, and why people should go with you as opposed to the competition. Give them all the important information they need – and how they can go about finding out more if they are interested.

You also need to consider playing to the season – consider theming your flyer and leaflet printing around current events, holidays that may be approaching, or even a craze or two that is hitting it big with the audience you’re aiming for. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Finally, the most crucial element you must include before submitting for flyer printing is your contact information. Clearly offering this to customers will allow them to approach you on their own terms should they be interested. Offer telephone, email and social media contacts where possible – but again, don’t overload your leaflet.

Getting flyer and leaflet printing just right can be tricky – but if you follow these steps and leave the nitty gritty of printing quality down to us, you’ll be pulling in new clients in no time at all.