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Design an Outstanding  Event Brochure for Your Next Event

Advertising a big event or occasion that you have coming up – whether for your business or otherwise – should always be advertised in style. This doesn’t always mean that you have to focus so much on making sure that your brochures and flyers have all the bells and whistles, though it can’t hurt! There are a number of essential factors that your brochures and leaflets need to abide by if you are to really convert casual readers into attendees – which means paying attention to more than just the visual appeal of your marketing.

Your brochures are going to need to offer as much information about your event as possible – after all, you could spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on the appeal and visual aspects of your marketing without ever considering how useful they can be in practice! Make sure that you highlight the most important details up front – the name of the event, when it’s taking place, and any slogans or headlines you wish to include. Push these up front alongside a location and you’re well away. Most people will want to know what the event is, why it’s being held and where – and, where applicable, how much they will need to pay to get in!

Design an Outstanding  Event Brochure for Your Next Event

You should also consider listing what guests are to expect – to whet their appetite and to entice them that little bit more. Consider listing special guests, any speakers you may have lined up, and – of course – any details on dress code or other conditions by which your guests will need to abide if they wish to attend. If it is a ticketed affair, advise how they can come by such tickets – and what they are expected to do once they attend.

Advertising your event through brochures is a fantastic opportunity for you to give guests as much information as possible on what to expect and why they should attend – and while much of the technique lies beyond making sure that your material simply looks good and catches the eye, we at VC Print will make sure that you have the professional sheen to appeal to a wide range of potential attendees. For simple flyers, leaflets and more extensive brochure support, our team have the tools and the know-how to make your event a sell-out. Take a closer look at our range of options to learn more!