5 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating Custom Printed Presentation Folders

Ensuring that your portfolio is eye-catching, informative and ready for businesses to consume can be a lengthy process – and Vital Concept Print are always happy to help with presentation folder printing of any size and for any purpose – but there are a few factors to bear in mind before you proceed with any folder printing.
presentation folder printing
Does your folder accurately represent your brand?

While selling yourself and your brand is key, it’s always important to ensure that you are honest and approachable throughout any key points you make within printed presentation folders – a presentation is all about selling you, your ideas and why others should be invested – so keep it truthful.

Go for a professional look

Only the best businesses, big and small, present their successes and services through high quality presentation folder printing, and this is where Vital Concept Print can help you for less than you may think.

Showcase you at your best

Printed presentations folders, whether they are for securing new business or for showcasing ideas and proposals, should only ever include your very best work – no matter what you produce or sell.  Put thought into what makes you and your brand unique ahead of any folder printing and you will be one step ahead of the game.

Ensure your designs are ready for the printing you desire

It should be easily noted that designs that you submit for printed presentation folders should be prioritised for the size and scale that you are looking to purchase.  The worst you can do is poorly prepare designs or slides for presentation folder printing that are overly-stretched or make poor use of space available.

Keep it simple

While you may have thousands of great ideas and concepts, or may have hundreds of thousands of items in stock, there’s never a need to overcomplicate your presentation folder.  Keep things as simplified as you can – less is more when it comes to the principles of design, and by emphasising your best features in a basic but appealing manner, you can make the very best out of folder printing with a minimum of effort.