Everything You Need to Know to Create a Professional Business Card

It’s tempting to assume that setting up your own business cards is fairly straightforward – for the most part, it certainly is! However, getting that crucial first impression connecting just right can be a little trickier than you may assume. To be able to convert clients and customers to your brand, you are going to need to build a business card stack that really does the business – literally – and here’s how you can go about it.

Keep Your Brand Colours in Mind
We can’t stress this enough – stay completely on-point and focused when it comes to your brand colours and logos. Your visual identity is incredibly important to a prospective customer, and to be able to appeal to people on a subconscious level, you are going to need to adopt a clever colour scheme that is both recognisable and one which runs throughout your advertising and branding, full stop. Business cards should never be reprinted without your key colours in the frame.

Consider Card Size
You’re likely going to want a card which is neat and compact – but you may also need to start thinking about the variety of shapes on offer. Consider how effective standard business cards can be – and whether or not your brand and business can be boosted by an alternative twist on shape and size, such as a circle, a diamond or even something more left field. Don’t be limited by age-old choices and standards and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!


Keep it Minimal
Unlike flyers, you’re not going to want to cram tons of information into a business card. Lead with your name, what you do, and a few ways you can be contacted. Your networking strategy and design, as well as that all-important colour scheme, should do the legwork for you. Beyond this, everything else is down to you!

Go As Luxury As You Can Afford
Why not go all out? Luxury business cards are fast becoming the norm and this is because more and more people and brands are being daring in their approach – people are less afraid to stand out from the crowd nowadays, and a look of opulence and class in something as minimal as a calling card will offer an incredible first impression.

Business cards have been the cornerstone of effective networking and physical business marketing for many years now – it’s time you considered how to turn the old standard into the perfect tool to help build and expand your enterprise. We are always on hand to help – come and take a look at our range to get started! Call or email, too, if you have any other queries.