Constructing Your Flyer Design to Attract More Clients With Style

While the way in which we advertise ourselves, our businesses and products may have changed dramatically over the past few years thanks to the emergence of digital marketing, there is still a huge market and demographic out there who will be keen to connect with you through effective physical marketing. Business cards, posters, banners and flyers all still hold considerable weight – and when it comes to leaflets and the like, the aim of the game is always going to be on catching the right eyes in the right way – and this can often mean being more than a bit crafty with the way that you create your initial flyer template.

Using colours and establishing your brand identity within something as simple as the basic design of your flyers is incredibly important – and it’s easy to do, too. If you’re an established business or firm and have a logo or colour template that clearly speaks your brand, then use it to your advantage throughout any leaflets you choose to hand out. Consider your images and the way you use colours, too. Is your flyer design easy to read? Do you use a minimum of striking, attractive colours – perhaps even calming ones – to provoke positive reactions from your recipient? Colour therapy is your friend here – if you’re not sure on how colours and images can be used to help persuade your audience, it is well worth conducting research!

Constructing Your Flyer Design to Attract More Clients With Style

All leaflets should carry a call to action or two. This means that your flyers need to both establish who you are and why your recipients should contact you further. Running leaflets or pamphlets without a minimum of contact details is simply daft – give your audience as much help as they need in finding out more from you – and why and how you’ll be able to help them.

It’s also important to consider the size and shape of your flyers – while you might be keen to lead with standard A5 leafleting, if you are keen to stand out from the crowd, you should certainly never overlook the option of throwing in a random shape or two. Fold-in flyers, for example, allow you to both imprint your brand and to provide more information than you otherwise could through the format.

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