Banner Printing Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Promotions

Whether you’re a business that holds events, showcases at exhibits, undertakes momentous product launches or utilise external or open space for marketing then there is absolutely no doubt that printed banners are one of the most effective means of promotional material for your needs. Fortunately we at Vital Concept are complete experts in the field of banner printing.

PVC banners are a sure fire way to create a show stopping piece of marketing material, guaranteeing people stopping in their tracks to take a look. A well designed and high quality printed banner stands out from the crowd and your competitors, giving a strong and clear message and highlighting that you as a business have the confidence and clarity in your brand and product or service.

Banners are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, but their durability and reusability make them ideal for multi-use, you can switch from displaying at a one-off event to permanent outdoor signage and reuse simply. They are easily cleaned and stored with minimum wear and tear. At Vital Concept we produce outdoor banners are printed in full colour onto 540gsm fire rated PVC vinyl. This makes our banners incredibly durable, waterproof and resistant to wear.

Wide Tension Banner

Each and every one of our banners come with either brass or silver eyelets and bungee or cable ties, beautifully finished with a hemmed edge that gives a clean finish which also protects against fraying. Whether you have a design in mind or need advice on the right design for your marketing project, we here at Vital Concept can assist with the right advice in finding you the best most cost effective product for your needs without compromising on quality.

We also provide a range of roller banner printing services and stands to create an excellent stand up banner for use at exhibits and shows - when you need to stand out from your competitors the most. Whatever your promotional use, and whether you’re considering roller banners or PVC outdoor banner, having a banner will undoubtedly enhance your promotional product, event or service - and give your business and brand credibility and purpose.

We know from experience that at any exhibition or business forum, hundreds of exhibitors have stands and signage so setting your business truly apart from others is vital. That’s why we recommend seeking our reasonably priced but uncompromisingly high quality banners for your promotional activity today.