Adding Print Marketing Increases The ROI

While any effective marketing campaign should focus on all available marketing formats, many businesses will place their focus solely on the digital world, throwing all their resources into their website, email campaigns and social media.

You may be surprised to hear however that the medium that is likely to offer you the best return on investment is print.

The main reason that people mistakenly believe that print advertising doesn’t work is because they just don’t know to how create effective print adverts.  It’s one thing arranging mass leaflet printing for direct mail shots but will they actually drive leads?

You need to ensure that you are creating a valuable print advert that is going to offer a real return on your investment.  By combining this with your digital output should offer a vital boost for your business.

Here are several ways to make sure that your print marketing strategy is successful and will offer you the ROI that you are looking for.

Maintain your database

Before you even start brochure printing, you’ll want to ensure that the consumers who are going to receive your mailshot are the target audience you have in mind.  Direct mail can be an extremely effective marketing tool, yet only if the correct people are receiving your message.

Make sure you keep your database up-to-date as often as possible, make sure that all incorrect or incomplete records are removed, and that all new contacts have been added in.   Sending a mailshot to an old or non-existent address is a waste of money and will affect your ROI before you’ve really even begun.

Use variable printing techniques to make your message stand out

Leaflet printing may spark up images of flat, basic a5 flyers being posted through your letterbox, however these days there is so much more to printing that you can really make your message stand out to your target audience.

Thought out materials could really add to your ROI – think about customising each piece of print with the customer’s name, add personalised coupons with unique IDs so they can be tracked. Personalising your print in this way takes time and effort though a more memorable campaign is proven to up your conversion rates and increase your ROI.

Offer something your customer wants

Although personalisation is a great way of standing out, don’t just use your leaflet printing to say hi to the customer.  Why not include an offer for your customers that will encourage them to make a purchase whether it’s a 10% discount voucher, free delivery or offering them complimentary items with every purchase.  Make it a compelling offer and your customers may come flocking.

The best of both worlds

Don’t use print alone. Don’t use digital alone.  Together is better for everyone.  Integrate your direct print campaigns with your digital marketing to create a unique campaign.  Add in QR codes or a URL to a specifically created landing page (that can be tracked) is a great way of making the consumer aware of your online presence.

By ensuring that the two are closely connected, you will increase the chances of your target audience interacting with your brand as you are offering them a number of different options, and is a sure fire way of increasing your ROI as well as brand awareness.