Add print, Add power!

Print is an extremely powerful media, even in the midst of today’s digital revolution. Utilised as part of a multi-media marketing campaign, print can really add power to your business, increase your ROI and set you apart from your competitors.

Print media gives you that extra dimension that some other business may fail to achieve if they concentrate solely on their digital marketing channels - print allows you to target your audience and create highly personalised material.  It can reinforce your brand awareness, introduce new products and used in conjunction with digital can be used to drive extra traffic to your website.

A variety of printing services

There are a variety of printing methods you could choose to engage with your audience.  How about leaflets and flyers, brochures and catalogues, presentation folders, newsletters, postcards and that’s just for starters. Print media can extend well beyond these with endless opportunities for promotional materials.

With a variety of advanced printing techniques and equipment available you can create a highly customised and unique marketing campaign to make your business stand out.

Creating customer engagement that matters

Contrary to popular belief, consumers are more likely to engage and react to an ad that they see in printed form.  It may not be the sort of engagement we’d expect in the 21st century where most of our information is delivered to a screen on our desktop or smartphone, but with print a real and personal connection is formed.

It is not so easy to bypass print media, unlike email which can disappear with just the touch of a button.  Print will actually provide you with the highest form of ad engagement, so is it something you can afford to ignore?  The power of print is highly impactful and something that all businesses need to embrace.  Even if it’s something you have used in the past without success, you can find new, innovative ways of generating leads through print.

Getting your message across

However whilst you should be thinking about highly targeted print campaigns and the best designs and messages for your leaflets and brochures, the more places that you can add your message will have the most impact for your business.  Although print will certainly add power to your business and work to increase your ROI, it will work best only if you use it as part of a multi-channel strategy.

Do not give up on digital advertising - a customer who sees the same ad across multiple channels are more likely to retain the information than if they’d just seen a standalone brochure or presentation.  If they can match that to a website, Facebook page, a poster or even a TV advert, they are more likely to be able to recall your brand and utilise your services.

Combining the modern technology of digital advertising along with the power of print is the best way of positioning your business to succeed in a highly competitive world.