5 Gorgeous Presentation Folder Designs

Presentation folders, much like brochures, are ideal for companies and individuals who really want to sell themselves to prospective clients and customers offline.  As such, there really is a wealth of opportunity in terms of design and creation – no two folders are ever the same, and with our range of folder printing services and materials available, you can count on VC Print to create your unique portfolio in no time at all. Here are five fantastic ideas we think you’ll be intrigued to try out with us.

A4 Designs

Presentation folders don’t need to be big and unwieldy – A4 is, of course, often the default paper size for many companies, and what better than a great-looking A4 wallet to keep everything in and to show everything off? A4 folders are great at providing neat, compact portfolios together while giving off just enough character and visual flair where required.  With internal flaps that can be used to secure documents, along with embossing and branding front and back, you can really imprint your business on a client with A4 folders – and they’re handy enough to carry around in a bag.

5 Gorgeous Presentation Folder Designs

A5 Designs

Want to go one smaller?  Why not!  A5 folders are pocket portfolios that are great for showing off cute, mainly visual presentations that offer just enough information to clients without overloading them.  A5 folders are, in our experience, particularly popular with individual businesspeople and those who run small, informal services – those who want to avoid the stuffiness of business formality and to have a little fun with design.  A5 folders are compact, cute, and memorable – could these be your style?

Landscape Designs

Landscape folders are a fantastic choice for businesses that depend upon big photographs and visual designs – a particularly good choice for wedding photographers and landscape photography services as well as artists and graphic designers.  Landscape folders can be designed and created to show off your artistic flair inside and out, and are remarkably easy to read and navigate.

Square Designs

There’s perhaps no other folder design more striking – square folders go against the norm in that they are immediately shaped to appeal to one’s sense of symmetry, and of course do not fit any particular default paper shape.  Square folders are used by businesses with that contemporary edge and artistic flair, perhaps a café or bar that is looking to appeal to customers and investors who are looking for something a little different.  Square folders are just odd enough to work well for the right people.

Interlocking Designs

Last but not least, interlocking folders – these can sound complex, but they’re really not.  This type of folder printing allows you to tuck in your paperwork and portfolio all with the aid of built-in flaps and supports, printed and designed to your specifications.  This type of folder printing is especially popular with estate agents and venues, particular where there is much to show off!  Interlocking folders can allow you to print your contact details on indies flaps before potential clients even start delving into their contents – providing constant, useful information in an accessible place.

These are just a few folder printing ideas we can bring to the table.  Do you have any other ideas we could help you with?  Take a look at our catalogue and get in touch today!