4 Marketing Product Must-Haves for Every Estate Agent

Estate Agents run a difficult business – selling a home is never easy, and much of this will not only require you to sell properties to prospective buyers on a highly visual basis, but you will also need to appeal to buyers’ trust.  People will not want to purchase a home from you if you cannot be held accountable!  This is why the way you advertise your Estate Agent services really matters – you cannot be half-hearted in the way you approach your customers, and in our opinion, this really starts with the types of advertising you use.  As experienced partners to firms nationwide in marketing and advertisement printing, we’ve compiled a list of our four must-have products for any Estate Agent looking to make regular sales.

4 Marketing Product Must-Haves for Every Estate Agent

Outdoor Banners

When it comes to catching your audience’s eye, an outdoor banners are an absolute asset.  Outdoor banners sell your business, your products and more besides in a way that appeals to people’s needs and their subconscious.  This means that your banners are going to need to be simple but effective – plenty of information, but not too much!  No matter what your design or your purpose may be, we will print outdoor banners to your specifications.

Outdoor banners can be particularly useful for Estate Agents particularly as they can be used to capture the attention of shoppers or people in the local area.  By installing a banner near to your premises, you can encourage people to come in and browse your portfolio, or to have a closer look at what makes you a trusted home seller.  These banners, too, come with our assurance that they will weather both the years and both rain and shine, meaning that they can be put up and left to advertise your services without you ever having to lift another finger!

Pop Up Stands

Pop Up Stands are assets to any business in need of setting up an information desk or marketing column that appeals to the eye and provides customers with just as much information as they need.  These stands are particularly useful in trade fairs and networking events, but can also be used for public display, or even in-house.  Pop up stands appeal to customers as they give you the chance to bring your portfolio and services to them – meaning that it is less effort for them to come and see what you are all about!

Stands can be set up in a variety of places and can be used to help advertise certain properties you have for sale, certain schemes you may be offering homeowners and more besides.  It’s also a great opportunity for you to spread the word about what you do.  You can provide potential customers with marketing materials, catalogues and more besides, and they never need to go any further than your pop-up stand.  We can print and produce stands for any reason or occasion to a professional standard, with just a minimum of design information from you.

Exhibition Display Stands

There may be an occasion where you need to represent your business or services at an exhibition or event, and why not?  They are great ways for you to network with likeminded clients and potential partners, and even to intrigue a potential customer or two.  Our on-demand exhibition display stands can be printed to order, meaning that, once again, you simply need to offer your designs and we will do the manufacturing for you.  This is great news for anyone in need of a professional and persuasive stand that can be set up at short notice.

Exhibition display stands let your potential clients and business partners know exactly what you’re about – what you sell, why you sell it, and more besides.  If you are in the market for selling property, it’s a great opportunity to let people see your catalogue in more detail, or to leave with a host of marketing material so that they can come back to you another time.  Estate Agents need to be able to prove their trust to the public, and by setting up an exhibition stand that lays everything on display, you could find yourself an ally or two in the bargain.

Foamex Boards

Foamex boards make for a superb asset to advertising both inside and out.  We print a wide variety of different board shapes and sizes to ensure that our clients are able to present their range of products in a striking and memorable fashion.  Once again, the design will be entirely your own, but durable and attractive foamex boards can be used to great effect in any line of business.  For Estate Agents, you really can do no wrong – boards can be used to advertise your logo, your brand or even a property or two – the only limit is your design and your imagination.

Our boards are extremely popular with modern businesses who are looking to advertise and appeal to customers in a contemporary way – meaning that they benefit from sleek, simple and effective advertising that’s easy to read and memorable at the same time.  Further to this, foamex boards are extremely versatile – they can be cut to any size, shape and for any purpose, and will blend in or stand out as much as you need them to – the choice is yours!

As an Estate Agent, you are going to need to appeal to your customers’ trust as well as their needs – and with our printing and advertising essentials, we can help you appeal to these factors and more.  Simply take a close look at our catalogue for more of our fantastic range of professional print options, and we will be happy to help bring your home selling services to more people than ever before.  If you would like more information on VC Print and what we do, please call or drop us a line via email at your convenience!  We will be back in touch with you just as soon as we possibly can.