4 Holiday Promotion Products for Your Business

It’s that time of year again – we’re approaching Christmas at an alarming rate, and it’s more than likely that if you’re running a public-facing business, you’ll want to take advantage of offering some great seasonal deals for your customers to ensure you get the edge on your competition. This is all well and good, but where do you start in terms of promotion?  Here are just a few areas we can help with – starting with business stationery.

Business Stationery may not advertise your company in the most detail, but it’s a great way to imprint your brand, business name and ethos. Anyone using a pen with your business branding will associate it with your services – making it a great option for getting word out about your company via free stationery and gifts.

Point of Sale Displays – There’s nothing quite like an attractive point of sale display to really sell your best deals. A point of sale display, if you’re running a retail operation, should ideally be positioned at the front of a store, highlighting your very best deals and stock – we have professional display printing options and ideas that will help you engage with customers of all walks of life this holiday season.
Christmas pramotion products

Posters –We live and breathe posters – and the advertising poster is rarely beaten when it comes to sales conversion, particularly around Christmas time. A big, bold and eye-catching poster will encourage anyone walking past to remember your brand and your deals – making them a great idea for any operation running a clearance during the season.

Signage – Finally, signage can work just as well as posters – as they’re installed externally, our signage solutions are printed and built to withstand all weathers, meaning that even in the bleakest of months, potential customers will be able to see your advertisements and recall them with ease.

There are many different ways to encourage sales this holiday season – and we will always be on hand to help you get started!