11 Tips For Navigating Your First Networking Event

Here at VC Print, we don’t just dabble in supplying physical marketing supplies – we also dispense advice and support! If you’re planning to really start networking in the New Year, here are a few bits and pieces to bear in mind if it is an entirely new concept for you.

Before You Go

  • Have a Goal in Mind! There’s no point attending a networking event or seminar without having an end game or goal in mind. Therefore, make sure your intentions are clear before you set off – and don’t keep it a mystery from the rest of the attendees, or you’ll risk appearing insincere.
  • Research Key Attendees. People like it when you do your homework, especially those you are hoping to connect with – so do some research before you go.
  • Prepare Your Elevator Pitch. People don’t like being sold to – nor do they like being tricked. Plan your sales pitch succinctly and never go for the hard sell.
  • Dress to Impress. Regardless of what you do professionally, always pay attention to the dress code and wear your very best wardrobe – show that you care!
  • Bring Business Cards. This goes without saying – and this is where VC Print can help you!

11 Tips For Navigating Your First Networking Event

While You’re There

  • Make an Effective Introduction. Once again, don’t sound like an advert – be as ‘human’ as possible and offer a genuine introduction that shows you care and that you are willing to help others.
  • Listen First, Then Speak. Listening is essential –no one likes being talked over, and there’s no better way to show that you care than to genuinely listen to and take in everything your fellow guests have to say.
  • Show Sincerity and Interest. As with the previous point, it’s always important to show genuine interest in the people you speak to – this is how you build a connection that lasts.
  • Get To The Point! Time is money – don’t play around with long spiels and sales talk – tell people who you are, what you do and why you are in a position to help them.
  • Take Notes. This goes without saying – always keep a physical record so you can refer back to any event.

After The Event

  • Follow Up Within 24 Hours. Finally, always get back in touch as soon as possible with anyone you meet and greet – this shows proactivity and that – above all – you care!